Monday, May 23, 2011

Rebuilding A Progressive Coalition

When I first began blogging many years ago Progressives were fairly united in the common cause of creating a progressive Canada that is just and fair for all. There existed a camaraderie amongst us that made this goal attainable but that changed when it was needed the most in the face of a newly elected Conservative minority government. The progressive coalition splintered into warring tribes as Grits began blaming Dippers and Dippers began blaming Grits for the derailment of our shared progressive agenda. Over the years a widening chasm, fueled by petty feuds and cheap political shots, has grown between us leading to the once unthinkable; a Conservative Majority government whose primary goal is the destruction of our progressive nation.

To reverse this slide we need to begin rebuilding the progressive coalition that once existed by setting aside the petty politics that have authored our own misfortune and once again adopt a shared progressive vision. To that end I offer a few suggestions to begin this rebuilding process.

1) Set aside the petty feuds and bitter rivalries that have built walls between us. We can't expect our politicians to set aside their differences and work together while we continue to harbour grudges against each other.
2) A progressive vision for Canada has been supplanted by a conservative one in our national discourse leaving voters with but one option to consider. We need to begin retaking the agenda by once again talking about shared progressive goals for our nation.
3) Lend support to your fellow progressive brethren. The urge to score cheap political points must give way to constructive dialogue between us.

These are but the first few steps that need to be taken if we hope to rebuild a working progressive coalition that can stand up to a Conservative majority.


  1. The Liberal party has not been progressive for a long time. Be honest, now... what do you think the Liberal party would do about issues like regulatory capture of watchdog institutions such as the CRTC?

    They're a corporatist party with a slightly better record on civil liberties, that's all.

  2. There are progressives who support the Liberal Party though. And my post is an attempt to reforge the working relationship that once existed between them and New Democrat supporters. Sadly, none seem to care so it'll probably be business as usual.

  3. I agree Robert - progressives in the Liberal Party & don't give up on that working relationship. I sometimes read some lib blog posts and growl but I close the blog and move on!

    And was so thrilled that you are blogging again - missed My Blahg!

  4. Thanks, Jan. I know what you mean about the lib posts. Luckily they're mostly wasting their time on the separatism non issue though.