Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Make Our Concern Trolling Media Cry

Our concern trolling media is calling for the New Democrats to replace Nycole Turmel as interim leader of the party. Make them cry by sending the clear message that dippers, not our national media will decide who leads the party.

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  1. Jack Layton and Brian Topp decided who the leader should be, not the party members, not even caucus. And they chose a 70 year old retiree with no charisma, no political experience, poor English, a very recent past of separatist party membership, organizing and fundraising, and a history of hostility toward taxpayers as a public sector union extortionist because...why?

    Because in socialist circles, gender and ethnicity determine outcomes; the NDP wanted a French female leader and so they imposed one on the NDP. And by putting "victim group cred" before merit and common sense, the NDP is showing Canada what a mess they would make before ever getting into power. Turmel's weak excuse that she joined the Bloc to "help a friend" raises questions of maturity - in a 70 year old lady. The NDP always lacked adult supervision and this sort of childishness will make Canadians think twice about voting socialist in the future.